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Book Publisher

Construction Photography supplies images to some of the world’s biggest book publishers.

One click to login + One click to download…an account specific to book publishers!

Setting up a book publisher account with us allows you to download images for approval before the publication date.  You then send us confirmation of use, often known as a permissions letter, before the publication date.  Before downloading images as much detail as possible about the use should be entered on our usage screen, taking you through details such as Book Title, Author, ISBN etc.  Once these details have been entered you can download the images ready for layout and comping.  When the use of the image is confirmed and publication date set send us permissions letters so we can send the invoice.

Our Book Publisher facility offers:

 Agreed rates for image licensing.
 Direct download
 No need for credit cards or pre-payment

Contact us to request a Book Publisher Account, or call us now on +44 (0) 207 820 6200.